Clearstream’s custody reporting for both our ICSD and CSD complies with ISO 15022 standards and can be accessed by customers via a variety of channels. An explanation of our main reporting types can be found below.

Corporate Action reporting

Statement of Holdings (MT535)

The MT535 Statement of Holdings reports the holdings that Clearstream services for the customer.

Corporate Action Notification (MT564)

The MT564 Corporate Action Notification reports details of a corporate action event along with the possible elections or choices available to the customer.

Corporate Action Confirmation (MT566)

The MT566 Corporate Action Confirmation reports proceeds from income, redemption and corporate action events credited to a customer’s account.

Corporate Action Acknowledgement (MT567)

The MT567 Corporate Action Acknowledgement advises the status, or a change in status, of a corporate action-related transaction previously instructed by, or executed on behalf of, the account owner.

Corporate Action Narrative (MT568)

The MT568 Corporate Action Narrative is used to provide additional free-format details relating to a corporate action event, proxy voting or withholding tax reclaim certification.

Corporate Action Notification without Holdings Report

In addition to the Xact Web Portal query where customers can check security events on an ad hoc basis, customers who wish to receive corporate action and income notifications for securities they do not currently hold with Clearstream can use the Corporate Action Notifications without Holdings Report.

After submitting a list of security codes to Clearstream using Xact File Transfer, customers will receive a daily report with all corporate actions and income notifications relating to securities included in their list. The list of securities can be modified at any time.

Key customer benefits are:

  • Income and event information available for more than 1 million securities where Clearstream Banking has a holding
  • Quick access to an additional data source to compare information received from other providers
  • Risk management tool to monitor securities lent as collateral
  • Clearstream Triparty repo customers can receive notifications for securities lent in the Triparty Repo programme
  • Customers can select their preferred delivery channel (Xact File Transfer via Internet or via SWIFTNet Fileact) as well as their reporting format (ISO 15022, XML or PDF)

For more information and details on how to use this service, please contact Client Services or your Relationship Officer.

Corporate Action Urgent Uninstructed Balances Report

This report gives an overview of uninstructed balances for corporate events and assists customers in monitoring risk relating to voluntary corporate actions. Customers can also use this service to monitor tax certifications for future mandatory events.

Corporate action supervisors can check the event-eligible securities balance, the related instructed balance and the remaining uninstructed balance on a daily basis.

Users can select:

  • The number of business days (up to 5) before the Clearstream event deadlines, when they see their uninstructed balances
  • The scheduling of the report (7 options from 06:00 to 20:00)
  • The type of events in the report (corporate action only, tax certifications only, all)

Customer benefits are:

  • Reduced risk of missing a corporate event; the report is received on a daily basis
  • Flexible report that can be adapted to customer needs
  • Easier internal reconciliation process by quicker identification of missing instructions

The Urgent Uninstructed Balances Report is available via Xact File Transfer in PDF and XML format through all channels:

  • Xact File Transfer via Internet
  • Xact File Transfer via SWIFTNet

Corporate Action and Income Market Claims Report

Transactions may be subject to market claims, when the settlement of a trade occurs after the record date or ex date of a security event (income or corporate action), according to the prevalent market rules.

To further reduce the operational effort and cost of managing the reclaim process, Clearstream can provide a dedicated Market Claims Report.

Key customer benefits are:

  • Report showing potential market claims for internal, Bridge and domestic market instructions
  • Claim processing status is updated on a daily basis.

Income Pre-Advice Reporting

To help them understand future income proceeds and capital repayments for all securities held in their accounts, customers receive an Income Pre-Advice Report (IPAR) covering dividend payments, interest payments and redemptions, both partial and final, that are expected in the five business days following the report on a rolling basis.

Payments not executed on the scheduled payment date are reported on IPAR for the next 30 calendar days. Reports can be retrieved selectively by:

  • Currency
  • Date
  • Event type
  • Security code

With IPAR, securities balances are updated twice daily. Entitled balances (on record date) are fixed after daytime processing so they reflect the end of day balances. In addition, intra-day IPARs are generated three times a day if important details about a payment (such as the rate of interest or the record date) have been updated for the related value date. These additional intra-day IPARs only include updates to existing payments and new payments created on VD-1. They are not created for updates to balances arising from any intra-day settlement activities.

Customers can access the report via ClearstreamXact.

The IPAR is not a confirmation of payment, but rather a projection of funds to be expected, which is subject to Clearstream’s conditions for income and redemption payments.