Data for execution

Published Fund List

Today, Vestima users navigate this dynamically changing market environment where fund data always appears to be in a constant state of flux.

Published Fund List report service is designed and developed to help Vestima users overcome the challenges of changing fund data and its impact on operational efficiency, especially order routing.

- Key benefits

Published Fund List optimises efficiency by offering:

Centralised source of Vestima fund reference data for all your daily order routing needs

Timely alignment of Vestima fund reference data changes in a secure and automated way

The service offers customers automated daily reporting on Vestima fund reference data which encompasses the following information per fund:

  • Transfer agent / Order handling agent
  • Subscription/Redemption cut-off details
  • Place of deposit
  • Fund/NAV currencies
  • Fractional limits
  • Payment (whether on settlement or on order).

- Key features

Provides reference data on all Vestima available funds:

Fund reference data updated and reported daily.

Secure transmission with option to receive report via file download or SFTP allowing for full STP automation

Data is collated and validated by Clearstream specialists

Highlights any delta changes between the current business day and current business day -1

Alternative Fund Data processing

The VestimaPRIME Data service provides a combined pricing and reference data package for any security upon the fund manager’s authorisation. Subscription is done at account level and falls within Clearstream’s contractual framework. VestimaPRIME Data The delivery of the VestimaPRIME Data service is available via HedgePole’s HedgeData platform and supports investors and fund distributors in the maintenance of their hedge fund portfolio, from reference data and pricing to bespoke reporting.

The data-venue has the following tools:

  • A service of data collection, scrubbing and chasing
  • A central evolving database which is flexible and can hold both documents and data.
  • Delivery mechanism to final clients based on their requirements
  • Tools to enable direct input by the Asset Manager or their delegate
  • Tools to enable AM to control data delivery

HedgePole’s current focus is on alternative funds and has the extended capacities required.

Using HedgeData, their in house developed tool, HedgePole offer an exciting new platform for reporting of Alternative Funds Reference and Pricing data

Data services for Distribution 

Fund data and Documents  

Through Fund Centre, Clearstream offers close to 1,000 data points and all relevant documents, such as prospectuses and KIIDs, on more than 80,000 funds from 25 different jurisdictions and in different languages. Clearstream Fund Centre’s fund library is always up to date with static, dynamic and regulatory data thanks to the close and efficient collaboration with fund data providers. 

By combining Kneip’s data management solution with Fund Centre’s distribution capability, clients increase the quality and availability of the data and documents that are published, which ultimately leads to more exposure, more investments and better ratings.

Kneip is the exclusive provider of data and documents to Clearstream Fund Centre. 

Kneip helps asset managers: 

  • Publish accurate data and documents to all destinations   
  • Simplify compliance and reporting   
  • Expand distribution footprint and grow AuM   

Kneip helps distribution partners: 

  • Reduce costs of data and documents collection 
  • Ensure data accuracy   
  • Simplify the process with a solution agnostic to sources and formats 

Regarding ESG data, Fund Centre offers Fund search functionality based on set of sustainability scores, also allowing comparing share classes.  These scores are supported by modules that offer greater amount of depth on sustainable criteria (ESG, Climate, UN SDGs, Regulatory, Exposure).