Liquidity solutions

Whether you hold accounts in Clearstream’s International Central Securities Depository (ICSD), Clearstream’s Central Securities Depository (CSD) or both, Clearstream’s liquidity solutions are designed to maximise your available liquidity and provide financing for the settlement of your transactions globally. For CSD positions, access to central bank money is through self-collateralisation of security settlement. For ICSD positions, this means self-collateralisation of transactions; maximising liquidity through collateralised credit lines and efficient use of commercial bank money; and collateral optimisation through umbrella accounts and access to central bank collateral during the night. But the real value of liquidity solutions comes from ensuring that liquidity moves effortlessly between the ICSD and CSD environments.

Foreign Exchange (FX) services

Clearstream offers a wide choice of solutions to process Foreign Exchange (FX) transactions and efficiently support client investment operations across multiple markets. To assist central banks, Clearstream has specifically designed its banking services to support their foreign exchange reserves portfolio management activities.

Clients, including central banks can subscribe to the Automatic FX services by submitting a completed FX application form.