We value partnership

In this dynamic industry, framed by fast-changing regulations, it is important for us to constantly adapt and expand our service reach for our customers. Working together with top quality industry partners creates a wide range of opportunities to enable us all to meet tomorrow’s challenges. We believe that sharing highly complementary strengths and services with the right partner also drives innovation – a key element of our focus. This is not a new strategy for us: building partnerships is part of Clearstream’s DNA.

Clearstream uses its proven expertise to create business solutions within Deutsche Börse Group to bring valuable benefits to the market. For instance, together with the cash market segment Xetra, we have launched a unique way of trading investment funds on exchange and with Eurex, the derivatives exchange, we have enabled our customers to optimise their liquidity management through GC Pooling®.

Liquidity management is currently a key market concern and we deliver a sophisticated solution. The Global Liquidity Hub’s success is built on its open architecture which enriches our service from developments with strategic partners. Liquidity Hub GO (Global Outsourcing), for example, offers the opportunity for other financial infrastructures to deliver Clearstream’s state-of-the-art collateral management system to their own clients. Additionally, we have expanded our commitment to partnership with agent banks through Liquidity Hub Connect.

Joint ventures are also an important part of our partnership approach. We launched REGIS-TR, the European trade repository for OTC derivatives, with Spanish CSD Iberclear; with the Banque centrale du Luxembourg we have created LuxCSD, a national access point for Luxembourg to TARGET2-Securites both from an issuance and a custodian perspective.

We value partnership. This means we value trust, transparency and mutual respect – and our partners can rely on these qualities when they turn to Clearstream.