Fund markets covered

Clearstream holds investment fund assets on behalf of customers in over 50 jurisdictions. In addition to Clearstream’s network of domestic market links to cash, securities and commodity markets across the globe, Vestima provides direct access to local domiciled funds where these are held in Clearstream’s name on the register.

As the demand for access to new fund markets develops, we will continue to expand our global fund markets and deliver market access solutions that meet your needs.

Clearstream provides its customers access to 50 fund markets worldwide and most of these fund domiciles are covered for order routing, settlement and custody.

The issuance of fund units and the record of shareholder ownership can be held either by a registrar/transfer agent (Register market) or by a local central securities depository (CSD market). An investment fund market may be a Register market, CSD market or both. Clearstream can access these funds in the domestic markets either by holding the fund units in Clearstream’s name on the register, via a direct link to the CSD or via an indirect link to the CSD through an account held with a local sub-custodian.

Legal opinion on the domicile of the register

For each of the covered markets, Clearstream obtains legal opinions to ensure that the local legal framework in these jurisdictions recognises the nominee concept while protecting the rights of customers as beneficial owners.

Detailed fund market guides and information on the services that Clearstream offers in each market are available in the respective market sections, launched shortly on this page.