Leveraging Clearstream Fund Centre processing capabilities to the benefit of your clients

Our services provide fund distributors with global funds solutions ranging from order routing, centralised delivery versus payment (DVP) settlement, safekeeping, and asset servicing and analytical tools to analyse and select funds.

Your gateway to global funds solutions

Efficient and reliable settlement 

  •  Full coverage of your investment portfolio; a single-entry point for over 230,000 funds, including mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and hedge funds   
  • Access to 55 fund markets worldwide in Europe, the Americas, and Asia Pacific, including Australia and China, with streamlined process regardless of the variety of markets and investment funds involved  
  • Benefit from efficiency gains through automation, unique delivery-versus-payment (DVP) settlement model, and real-time reporting   
  • Have access to one fully integrated set of reports.   

Highest safety standards for clients assets

  • The DVP model removes any settlement risk from the fund transaction and is therefore attractive for Clearstream customers, especially those with a depositary or trustee responsibility towards their clients in the framework of the AIFMD or UCITS V directives (i.e., for fund of funds).  
  • Asset segregation and reconciliation at each fund valuation point (mostly daily), applying the highest operational and risk standards.   
  • Centralised solutions, such as Vestima, can serve the growing need for greater efficiency and transparency in investment funds processing to comply with regulatory developments and new rules on risk mitigation.  
  • Flexible operational set-up possibility to grant power of attorney to investment managers or your clients directly to act on the account 

Facilitate the distribution needs of your client base 

Benefit from unique access to Fund Data and Fund Research 

  • A single distribution agreement with 600 leading large-scale and boutique fund providers covering a universe of more than 80,000 funds.   
  • Calculating and collecting commissions from fund providers is centralised, and Fund Centre executes a single payment to distributors.  
  • Access to the digital front-end application Fund Compass, including powerful fund search, comparison, analysis tools, a comprehensive fund data hub, and a digital and standardized KYD questionnaire. 

Consolidate and disseminate market and reference data 

  • Fund Centre’s fund library is constantly updated with static, dynamic, and regulatory data thanks to the close and efficient collaboration with fund data providers.  
  • Sustainability service offered in collaboration with Clarity AI and provides insights into ESG, climate, UN Sustainable Development Goals criteria, and exposure and impact highlights at share class level.  
  • Increase the quality and availability of your data and documents with the highest level of consistency for the data published across destinations with the exclusive provider Kneip. 

Reduce the processing risk with the usage of blockchain technology 

Benefit from real-time exchange of investor information 

  • Order routing and record-keeping capabilities at the end-investor level, covering Subscriptions, Redemptions, Transfers, Asset Servicing, domestic tax management (capital gain tax/withholding tax), complete reconciliation and reporting suites.  
  • Digitized upload and automation of fund information and reference data documentation   
  • New customer onboarding functionality with investor data and KYC documentation   
  • White-labeled solution that can be integrated into the Distribution partners' customer experience