Accounts structures

Whenever possible Clearstream holds customers’ positions on omnibus accounts, but certain markets (or fund characteristics) may require a segregated account structure.

In such cases, each Clearstream account is reflected as a separate (sub)account in the register of the fund.

Asset Safety

As a market infrastructure, Clearstream ensures the highest standards of safety for customer assets, including asset segregation and DVP settlement. Clearstream’s interaction with fund agents is contractually regulated and depositary banks benefit from reporting on registrars. Legal opinions on the domiciles of fund registers assure customers that their beneficial ownership is recognised in the markets where their assets are held.

Clearstream’s investment fund services are embedded in the legal, settlement and custody framework of the ICSD. This enables customers to benefit from the Vestima suite of fund services while their holdings in investment fund shares are fully integrated with those in other asset classes. You can find more information in our Asset Safety section.

Corporate actions

Thanks to a thorough follow up with the transfer agents or suppliers, Clearstream has implemented strict and early information collection and a strong reconciliation process.

We are able to provide accurate and timely information, minimise adjustments and ensure proceeds are settled on due time.

Tax Services

With a specialised team and continuous IT developments, we deliver maximisation of tax relief at source, better status information, and minimal waiting time for tax refunds.