Data solutions tailored to your needs

Our data solutions are based on the use of trusted data, advanced analytics and artificial intelligence aimed at supporting our clients in mitigating risks, taking faster decisions, and finally driving growth. Predictive capabilities and data insights can be visualised in our intuitive Xact Web Portal dashboards.   

Data driven decision making

By leveraging historic and near to real-time data and the means of artificial intelligence, Clearstream provides you with the knowledge to ease the burden of complying with regulations and to become more agile with advanced analytics on your overall settlement and collateral management activity.

Leveraging data as a growth driver for our clients

Enabling data driven decision making to optimise collateral and settlement efficiency

omni-channel access to our clients via secured platforms

data as capability  
by building robust infrastructure 

Settlement Dashboard: Insights into past and present 

The Settlement Dashboard offers clients detailed insights into their settlement activity, such as efficiency and failure analysis and assessing the potential impact on a daily basis.

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Settlement Prediction tool: Insight into future settlement

The Settlement Prediction tool calculates the probability that a specific instruction will settle on time, based on the transaction specificities and historic data feed.

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Collateral Mapper: Optimising the collateral usage

The Collateral Mapper is an intuitive dashboard that summarises complex sets of reports on collateral usage and evaluates the potential of an equity portfolio.

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Asset Liability Analyser: Manage your credit line and collateral usage

The Asset Liability Analyser provides market participants with a user-friendly dashboard. It eliminates the need for manual calculations by visualising historical intraday credit line usage and collateral pool fluctuations.

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Collateral Insights Dashboard: Your gateway to enhanced collateral management

The Collateral Insights Dashboard consolidates your collateral data into a single, user-friendly dashboard that provides a holistic view of your collateral and lending activities.

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Quick and easy access

You can access our data solutions via the Xact Web Portal, Clearstream’s web-based connectivity channel offering settlement, asset servicing, cash and liquidity services. To obtain access and information on the Xact Web Portal, please contact your Relationship ManagerConnectivity support or Client Services in your region for assistance.