Optimise your settlement efficiency with our predictive data services

Failed settlement transactions not only incur costs and reputation loss, but also decrease liquidity and require further operational efforts. With the requirements of the Settlement Discipline Regime (SDR) the focus on settlement efficiency has further increased.

Our intelligent settlement data services help clients to focus on exception management and to review operational processes. Predicting settlement failures in time will not only mitigate risk arising from such transactions but will also reduce the financial impact of cash penalties.

Back-office operations can leverage these predictions throughout the day to gain additional validation and to take appropriate actions to prevent any potential settlement fails, thereby accelerating settlements. Interactive visualisation provides multiple views, including a view of critical markets, asset classes and counterparties. This allows clients to benchmark their settlement efficiency against their peers.

Act now to benefit from

  • Increased settlement efficiency
  • Optimised settlement lifecycle
  • Maximised asset value
  • Reduced costs and risk
  • Quick and easy access

Settlement Dashboard

Insights into past and present settlement

The Settlement Dashboard offers clients detailed insight into their settlement activity, such as efficiency and failure analysis, allowing for monitoring settlement activity, assessing the potential impact on a daily basis.

Advanced analytics to monitor your settlement activity

The dynamic report allows clients to easily interact with settlement data and provides either a global picture of their overall settlement efficiency over a certain period, or an ad-hoc status of a specific activity.

Benchmark your settlement activity to that of other market participants. The advanced analytics capability allows you optimise efficiency by investigating the root cause of failures and to act upon them.

Settlement Prediction tool  

Insight into future settlement   

The Settlement Prediction tool calculates the probability that a specific instruction will settle on time, based on the transaction specificities and historic data feed.

Artificial Intelligence for your exception management

Anticipate potentially failing settlement transactions up to two business days in advance and take respective action. This information allows you to reduce operational overhead, minimise settlement penalties and maximise the value of your assets by allocating them accordingly.

Quick and easy access   

You can access the Settlement Dashboard and Settlement Prediction tool in Xact Web Portal, Clearstream’s web-based connectivity channel offering settlement, asset servicing, cash and liquidity services.

How to subscribe

To obtain access to Settlement Dashboard and Settlement Prediction services, please send an MT599 SWIFT message or a message via Xact Web Portal Message Exchange to the PRGConnect team.

Contact information

To obtain access and information on the Xact Web Portal, please contact your Relationship Manager, Connectivity support or Client Services in your region for assistance.