Core custody

Our custody services deliver a comprehensive suite of order placement, settlement and administration services covering all functions of managed fund servicing – both custody and administration – with Clearstream Australia acting as your custodian.

Core custody solutions

Our core custody offering is a low-cost, high-quality and scalable solution. Many of our customers view managed fund servicing as a non-strategic component of their operations; partnering with Clearstream Australia provides a tangible benefit as well as allowing them to focus on tasks that provide a competitive edge.

Comprehensive business process solution for managed fund trading and administration covering:

  • Enhanced client order management including, electronic order placement and real-time trade status reporting;
  • Single electronic interface to your core systems for trade and holdings information, avoiding disparate sources and manual collection methods;
  • Resource intensive and riskier aspects of managed fund trading, holding and servicing are transferred to a specialist provider;
  • Single relationship, versus managing a range of fund managers and registries;
  • Improved efficiency and accuracy plus lower operational risk;
  • Leverage Clearstream Australia’s established trading relationships (over 100 Australian fund managers) to facilitate rapid take-on of additional managed funds.
  • Dedicated relationship managers as single point of contact for all aspects of your managed funds servicing needs.

Key benefits

Find out how our core custody solution translates into better results for your business.

  • Reduced servicing costs 
    Reduce your costs through the release of your existing administration staff as well as technology, audit, compliance and training personnel. Costs are further reduced by achieving a much lower error rate.
  • Rapid return on investment 
    Easy transition and quick service implementations allow for immediate benefits.
  • Improved end-client experience
    A faster, smoother, more comprehensive delivery is something your end-clients will notice and appreciate.
  • Efficiency
    Partnering with Clearstream Australia will free up resources – to focus on other core aspects of your business.
  • Risk reduction
    Your compliance burden is reduced and your risk profile is enhanced.
  • Scalability
    Grow your business – by acquisition or organically – without having to increase your fund servicing resources.
  • A single supplier
    Instead of maintaining a relationship with many suppliers, you will need only one; much more efficient.
  • Accuracy
    Errors can be very costly. At Clearstream Australia we have developed our systems and our culture specifically to maximise accuracy.
  • Flexibility
    Our solutions easily adapt to your business activity levels.
  • Assurance
    In Clearstream Australia you have a trustworthy partner who is a full subsidiary of Clearstream Banking S.A. and has been providing custody solutions for wholesale managed funds to many of Australia’s major financial institutions for over a decade.
  • No extra software licensing and maintenance costs
    When partnering with Clearstream Australia all these costs are taken care of.
  • Stay up to date
    Relieve from the effort of monitoring and adapting to industry changes within our service profile.
  • Simplicity
    Remove an entire layer of complexity to the overall operations of your business.