Swift MyStandards

MyStandards is a collaborative web platform developed by Swift to better manage ISO messaging standards and market practices.

MyStandards will help clients reduce time, cost, effort and risk when implementing and managing messaging standards. Centralising standards information means:

  • all Clearstream information is presented on MyStandards and contextualised, thereby: increasing the granularity of information (specific templates per event for corporate actions, per country for settlement, etc.); and enabling higher automation rates, making the information far easier to sort through
  • the risk of error is considerably reduced because documentation can be produced automatically
  • it enables clients to perform automatic comparisons between different usage guidelines, such as new releases.

Registering on MyStandards is without cost. It allows you to access all our information online and to generate PDF reports and XML schemas for both our Central Securities Depository and International Central Securities depository for free.

More advanced features (such as comparison of message versions and specifications, as well as capturing of your own guidelines) can be accessed via a subscription with Swift.

As one of the key initial members in the pilot project, Clearstream helped shape Swift's MyStandards platform from the beginning and was the first financial institution to officially share its messaging content.