Canadian Collateral Management Services (CCMS)

Powering domestic collateral management with a world-leading triparty infrastructure

Continuous regulatory changes require financial market infrastructures to deliver cost-effective and time-efficient solutions to ensure systemic stability. Canada’s implementation of T+1 settlement in Q1 2024 is a post-trade processing change that will increase settlement velocity, leading to risk reduction and improved liquidity management. This move may create operational challenges in securities finance and collateral management, especially when relying on inefficient, non-standardised, or manual post-trade processes.

The Canadian Collateral Management Services (CCMS) solution has been developed in collaboration with TMX Group Limited. Clients can maximise opportunities by:

  • Leveraging a sophisticated collateral management engine within a secure and transparent environment to carry out complex tasks.
  • Automating collateral management movements for various securities finance transactions and counterparties such as banks, buy-side firms, central counterparties or central banks.

With its world-leading triparty collateral management infrastructure, Clearstream offers the most sophisticated and robust collateral management solution to optimise clients’ collateral pool and facilitate seamless liquidity sourcing.

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  • CCMS Appendices for Collateral Givers;
  • CCMS Appendices for Collateral Receivers;
  • CCMS AutoAssign Supplement to the Global Collateral Management Service Agreement;
  • CCMS Side Letter to the Global Collateral Management Service Agreement for Collateral Givers;
  • CCMS Side Letter to the Global Collateral Management Service Agreement for Collateral Receivers.


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