SFTR API Service


The Securities Financing Transactions Regulation (SFTR) API Service enables Clearstream clients to retrieve information about their Securities Lending and Borrowing transactions (for example, their participation in the Securities Lending and Borrowing products: ASL, ASLplus and ASL principal), and to assist clients in their SFTR reporting as mandated under the STF regulation. 

Streamlining your regulatory reporting solution

Receiving their SFTR related data via an API allows clients to process the data seamlessly through machine-to-machine communication thereby enhancing reporting efficiency.

The SFTR API leverages Clearstream’s API platform, which exposes data directly to the IT systems of our clients, allowing the integration of data into clients' regulatory reporting systems in a seamless and secure manner.

Reducing reconciliation breaks

Securities Lending and Borrowing clients, being Clearstream’s counterparts of Securities Lending and Borrowing transactions, will be utilising the same data source as Clearstream, this could reduce the efforts needed to resolve reconciliation breaks.

Access requirements

Access to the SFTR API requires the completion and acceptance of Clearstream’s API Agreement with the SFTR API Annex including subscription to Clearstream’s connectivity suite (ClearstreamXact). The Xact Web Portal provides self-management of the SFTR API credentials.

For technical details, please visit DBG Business Portal