Clearstream Fund Services

We support our clients in realising efficiency gains through automation and centralisation of their funds activity. We expand the geographical reach to cover the entire fund universe for our customers.

Vestima enables processing and custody services for all types of funds in a single platform. 

It is the world's largest cross-border fund processing platform for execution and custody (over €3.1tr fund  AuM, over 45 Mio. transactions processed p.y.). 

It is the one-stop-shop for fund processing for mutual funds, ETFs and alternative funds with more than 230,000 ISINs.  

  • Operational efficiency is significantly increased through DVP settlement and the synchronous exchange of cash and investment fund shares. 

We are building an ecosystem to connect asset managers and distribution partners reducing friction and time to market 

It allows 500 fund distributors to gain access to more than 600 asset managers with one single distribution agreement.  

Through Fund Centre, Clearstream offers close to 1,000 data points and all relevant documents, such as prospectuses and KIIDs.  

  • The investment universe covers over 80,000 funds and provides trusted services such as centralised contract maintenance and commission management as well as the exchange of data and information between distribution partners and fund providers.    

  • Clearstream Fund Centre’s fund library is always up to date with static, dynamic, and regulatory data thanks to the close and efficient collaboration with fund data providers and Kneip. 

We support the digital transformation of our customers building unique partnerships and investments. 

Through our partnership ecosystem, we are expanding multiple innovative product capabilities. We are building a fund platform architecture and expanding our services by including partners and increasing our service offering.