Matching services

Second layer participant matching - improve the matching efficiency of your transactions

In order to improve the matching process for customers on internal and external Clearstream transactions, customers can include the details of their second layer participant such as DECU/RECU or BUYR/SELL, or if they wish, include the common reference.

As these are optional fields, matching will only be performed on the second layer information if details are provided by both parties.

Benefits include:

  • Possibility of cross-matching reduced by adding additional matching details to the transactions
  • Optional service, jointly agreed by both parties, increases matching efficiency.

Selective acceptance service - control the securities received on your account

The selective acceptance service ensures that counterparties cannot unilaterally deliver securities on your account without matching. Customers can decide to automatically reject these deliveries, giving them full control of what can and cannot be received on your account.

Benefits include:

  • Better control of your settlement activity
  • Avoid counterparties unilaterally delivering securities against your account.

Single Matching Account - greatly decrease settlement risk and simplify internal account management

A Single Matching Account improves the process of matching instructions and reduces the number of matching failures for customers with multiple accounts and sub-accounts.

Counterparties of a subscribing customer can use the same account number for all their securities transactions with that customer at Clearstream. The customer, meanwhile, can choose how to organise their asset holding without any information on the counterparty. The securities instruction alone determines which account will be the source or destination of the securities. Instructions are automatically matched with the counterparties, ensuring settlement takes place in the account of the customer’s choice.

Using a Single Matching Account enables customers to:

  • Simplify the matching process for the customer’s back office and counterparties
  • Reduce the risk of matching errors with resulting increased settlement efficiency
  • Restructure multiple accounts with no impact on counterparties
  • More easily segregate assets
  • Monitor counterparties’ instructions via one designated account number
  • Work with existing instruction or report setups.