ClearstreamXact testing environment

Clearstream offers a permanent testing environment for all Clearstream connectivity (Xact Web Portal, Xact via Swift and Xact File Transfer) that enables clients to simulate various operations and functionalities involving Settlement, Cash and Collateral Management. In addition, clients can test different reporting solutions and account setups within a stable environment.

The opportunity of testing helps clients to reduce the risks and costs associated with errors in the live production environment.

ClearstreamXact Testing runs on a dedicated test environment, which provides a continuous Swift connection. Clearstream’s Swift system is fully compatible with future mode and currently facilitates the testing of Swift messages in ISO 15022 and in future also ISO 20022 format.  In addition to the Swift connection, the test environment also supports testing of a secure file transfer (SFTP) connection.

It is possible to access the test environment via the following link:

Client testing

Clearstream’s settlement process supports the testing of internal and Bridge instructions. However, it is possible to test the format of non-T2S domestic instructions..

For clients who would like to have connectivity support during their tests, Clearstream offers guided testing sessions that can last up to three weeks. At the end of the session, the client's setup will remain in place, providing them with the option to continue testing independently.

If clients prefer to test independently and need only the setup preparation, please send the completed Testing Subscription Form with your setup requirements to In this email, please indicate that no guided testing session is required.

Please contact for further information or specific needs related to ClearstreamXact or Clearstream’s settlement capabilities.

Client testing support

Clearstream’s connectivity client testing service is designed to help clients access the test environment and to establish a secure connectivity setup between Clearstream and their systems. The setup includes all the elements specified in the Testing Subscription Form and we strongly recommend that clients consult the Xact via Swift User Guidebefore beginning testing.

Clearstream’s Connectivity Client Testing team is available to assist with any technical queries from Monday to Thursday (09:00 to 17:00 CET) and on Friday (09:00 to 12:00 CET).

Server availability

The application runs on the test environment and it is accessible to clients throughout the year. However, clients should note that generally twice a year, the connection will be temporarily interrupted for maintenance and installation of updates. This typically occurs for a period of three weeks and usually takes place in March and October. 

It is important for clients to be aware that the maintenance of the environment is conducted regularly to ensure optimal performance. During these periods, clients will not be able to access the test environment. It is therefore important for clients to plan accordingly and make the necessary adjustments to their testing schedules to avoid any inconvenience during these maintenance periods.

The testing facility is available from Monday to Thursday at all times and on Fridays the test environment will only be accessible until 12:00, with the exception of occasional maintenance interruptions during the week.