Automated Securities Lending and Borrowing services

Automated Securities Lending and Borrowing services are a cornerstone of Clearstream’s commitment to providing enhanced settlement efficiency to its clients wherever their settlement takes place.

  • ASL is integrated into Clearstream ICSD’s settlement engine and automatically provides access to a large pool of liquidity in order to finance failed trades. Clearstream acting as agent and guarantor, facilitates a seamless process.
  • ASL principal is a unique service that forms part of Clearstream’s CSD and ICSD securities lending services enabling clients to borrow from or lend to a single pool of securities regardless of their settlement and custody location. Lenders also benefit from the extended level of security associated to the structure where Clearstream acts as sole counterparty.

Depending on their specific needs, clients willing to maximise their opportunities can also use the two products in combination. Clearstream takes care of all processes from organising the loans and collateral to taking care of the daily administration.