Tax services

Comprehensive tax services for ICSD and CSD

Creating and maintaining efficient cross-border tax strategies requires access to the latest information. Clearstream's international expertise and innovative technical solutions can help you maximise the efficiency of your tax operations. And, with some of our full end-to-end service offerings such as ProActTax we can also help you lower your tax administration costs.

We have numereous tax experts located in Luxembourg and Singapore who can provide prompt, accurate tax guidance on all our tax services, regimes and practises throughout our domestic markets and across most timezones.

Our handy tax services guide, which is attached below, gives an overview of our service offering in each market as well as a summary of non-taxable instruments in the relevant markets.

Our tax services enable you to:

  • Receive timely and precise announcements of tax regulation changes
  • Access detailed Tax Guides per market, describing the eligibility criteria as well as the procedures to follow to benefit from relief-at-source or to submit a tax reclaim
  • Receive ongoing notifications of tax relief possibilities via SWIFT or Xact Web Portal
  • Dynamically monitor the status of your reclaims via Xact Web Portal.

For selected markets or instruments Clearstream also offers tax reclaim insourcing services.