CASCADE Testing and Simulation


Clearstream Banking AG, Frankfurt, (CBF) offers clients a testing and simulation environment.

Client simulations for upcoming releases and projects

Via the client simulation environment (IMS23), CBF settlement services can be tested on clients' demand. IMS23 is connected to the T2S Pre-Production environment (UTEST). This setup enables a continuous end-to-end testing for clients acting in ICP and DCP mode.

If required, CBF offers guided client simulation and related test cases for upcoming releases dedicated to the enhancements developed by Clearstream. The timelines for guided simulations will be announced together with the request to register. In some functional areas, dedicated test cases will be offered by CBF to support the simulation of business cases where specific test environment requirements are necessary. The participation in the guided client simulation is optional and not a prerequisite for admission to production for the launch date.

Client simulations are currently planned for the following projects:

  • SCORE and ECMS:
    • SCoRE – CA Standards 1–14 in ISO 15022: 4 to 28 March 2024;
    • ECMS – Triparty Collateral Management: End of June to mid of September 2024 (to be confirmed); and
    • SCoRE – CA Standards: October 2024 (to be confirmed).

Details regarding Clearstream client testing activities in the Xact client simulation environment OCCT can be found under ClearstreamXact testing environment.