Automating Collateral Management with OSCAR

The Own Selection Criteria with Automated Reasoning (OSCAR) application is the first collateral management tool in the market which is uniquely combining several artificial intelligence (AI) techniques including and machine learning, natural language processing and automated reasoning.   

Create your fit-for-purpose collateral baskets

OSCAR allows participants to easily define, create, negotiate and exchange optimised eligibility profiles of collateral baskets. The tool specifically supports the definition of intelligent eligibility criteria for collateral baskets using natural language processing.  

Automating collateral management

Short time to market

The short set-up and negotiation time for an intelligent fit-for-purpose collateral basket allows back offices to create individual, yet machine-readable collateral baskets to maximise the value of their business’s collateral.

Smart, flexible and scalable

OSCAR is supporting clients in defining their own intelligent eligibility criteria whilst simultaneously checking automatically for inconsistencies. The tool ensures interoperability with different counterparts, improving collaboration, negotiation and reconciliation, and thereby increases flexibility, scalability and speed while maximising operational efficiency.  

OSCAR has been developed in collaboration with the technical expertise of Fintech Intelli-Select using recognised forms of AI technology, such as knowledge representation and structured natural language processing.