Merck Finck joins Clearstream Fund Desk distribution network


Merck Finck Privatbankiers AG has signed up to Clearstream Fund Desk to consolidate all its distribution support related activities with Clearstream. As long-standing customer of the Vestima One-stop shop for funds, Merck Finck will expand its collaboration with Clearstream to cover the full range of services around distribution support and commission management.

With the recent move into the distribution support segment, Clearstream has acted upon the call of its customers for more data, transparency and standardisation along the distribution supply chain.

The Clearstream Fund Desk solutions cover a full range of fund distribution support services built on the strong expertise and global network of asset managers. The Fund Desk platform supports fund distributors and asset managers for compliance-based KYD processes and to comply with latest regulatory challenges around fund distribution, such as MiFID II in the European Union.

“Partnering with an organisation that places the same focus on operational integrity and process efficiency around contractual aspects of distribution as Merck Finck, was a critical requirement for choosing Clearstream Fund Desk”, says Dr Martin Deckert, COO at Merck Finck Privatbankiers AG.

Bernard Tancré, Head of Investment Fund Services at Clearstream, adds: “We are delighted to welcome Merck Finck Privatbankiers AG to our Fund Desk network of distribution partners. Merck Finck will profit from streamlined processes around contract negotiation and commission management. This move will allow the company to foster efficiencies for underlying clients and to scale their investment fund business.”

About Merck Finck Privatbankiers AG

Munich-headquartered Merck Finck offers a wide spectrum of solutions for HNWI clients. With 16 offices and about 280 employees across Germany, Merck Finck has built strong relationships founded upon mutual trust and almost 150 years of experience. The quality of Merck Finck´s advisory services has been recognised in manifold occasions with awards and top-rankings from leading media and test institutes such as Handelsblatt Elite Report or Fuchsbriefe.

About Clearstream – Investment Fund Services

Clearstream delivers investment fund solutions built on asset safety and distribution efficiency. The Vestima One stop shop for funds acts a single point of entry for orders, streamlined cash management and consolidated position reporting in a secure environment. Clearstream offers customers direct access to local domiciled funds in 48 fund jurisdictions worldwide, of which 30 are in Europe. The Fund Desk offering complements Vestima to include distribution support services and to provide direct access to a fund research solution.