GFF Summit 2021: two days of pure expertise

GFF Summit 2021 Exhibition hall

1,353 participants, 43 top-class speakers from Europe, Asia and the US, and even an exhibition area – all digital. This year’s Global Funding & Financing (GFF) Summit was truly something special.

Following the theme “An open eco-system for all”, the event once again combined the experience of leading market players from all over the industry with the expertise of Clearstream, Eurex Clearing and Eurex Repo, all part of Deutsche Börse Group. “Open eco-systems are redefining markets as we used to know them. The global pandemic has further increased the urgent need for efficient solutions to address collateral distribution and financing around the world,” saidFrank Gast, Managing Director Eurex Repo and Head of Fixed Income, Funding & Financing Sales Europe at Deutsche Börse Group.

After the opening remarks by our Deutsche Börse Executive Board members Stephan Leithner and Thomas Book, the days started with keynote speeches covering topics like the central bank perspective on the repo and securities lending market, a status of the economy and markets at the beginning of the new year as well as the role of sustainability reporting in the EU's sustainable finance policy.

Both days also offered a broad spectrum of panels and presentations, not only covering the funding and financing industry but also sustainable investing as well as diversity and inclusion. Coinciding with this year’s GFF Summit, Eurex and Clearstream published a joint whitepaper on innovations with balance sheet netting solutions for repo trading

All in all, the event was again very successful. Tilman Fechter, Head of Banking, Funding & Financing at Clearstream and Chairman of the GFF Summit, said: “In these challenging times of lockdown and social distancing, we wanted to stay connected with our customers, business partners and friends from around the world – and I think we have achieved this. Our conference was not a virtual plan B, but a real Plan A – a commitment to the community.”

You can find selected highlights of the GFF Summit on social media under the hashtag #GFFSummit.