GFF Podcast - episode 3: The future and evolution of repo


In episode 3 the hosts Andrew Keith Walker and Christian Rossler go in-depth for a lively chat about Clearstream's innovations in the field of repo (repurchasing agreements) with Richard Glen, Head of Collateral Management, and Para Saratchandran, Product Manager for Repo at Clearstream.

Like the Repo markets, this episode is a fast moving show which explores the evolution of repo, the challenges for NFCs (non-financial counterparties) who are entering the world of secured lending for the first time and the role of products like GC Pooling and Triparty Repo. 

GFF Podcast episode 3: The evolution and future of repo

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Outlook episode 4 – watch out 24 September 2021

In episode 4 we will further explore the Securities Lending and Borrowing space with the Chairman of ISLA, Jonathan Lombardo who will be joined by Marc Poinsignon, Product Manager at Clearstream for Triparty Securities Lending services.