ECB Confirms T2S Migration Schedule


The ECB Governing Council has confirmed the scheduling and composition of the remaining T2S migration waves, adopting the plan put forward by the CSD Steering Group on 2 February 2016.

Under this plan, Clearstream’s CSD in Germany and LuxCSD will form part of Wave 4 which will go live on 6 February 2017.

Clearstream welcomes the certainty provided by the ECB and the clarity it brings to the implementation timeline of this major European project. Independently of the T2S schedule, Clearstream will continue to roll out its harmonised service offering across all asset classes for its ICSD and CSDs, which include:

  • New shared connectivity channels offered via ClearstreamXact
  • Optimised high quality asset servicing across all Clearstream entities
  • Collateral pooling and interoperability between customer holdings at Clearstream’s ICSD and Clearstream’s CSDs.

For further details of Clearstream’s T2S offering, please refer to the T2S section of our website.