Instructions erroneously blocked by Clearstream Banking on common depository code 60 - Update VI


Clearstream Banking has taken measures to resolve the incident.

The following actions have been executed:

  • Duplicate instructions: Unsettled duplicate instructions are cancelled by Clearstream Banking.
  • Duplicate instructions: Settled duplicate instructions have been instructed by Clearstream Banking with a reverse instruction.
  • Partial Settlements: Partial settlement instructions are corrected with a new instruction by Clearstream Banking.

For the remaining exceptions, Clearstream Banking Client Services is in direct contact with impacted clients to finalise the remediation.

Undue settlement penalties on late matching occurred on 7 November 2023 on regenerated instructions will be removed by Clearstream Banking. If clients have incurred penalties for any other reason which are nonetheless a result of the incident, they are kindly asked to use the appeal process.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.