Best of T2S yet to come

The post-trade industry is only slowly tackling inefficiencies to fully reap the benefits of cross-system solutions like T2S. Covering over 50% of T2S volumes, our German CSD combined with our extensive link network is the natural home for a centralised T2S access and central bank money solution.

Advancing the digital asset era, together

At Clearstream, we have a unique role to play in unlocking the value of digital assets for the benefit of the markets and underlying investors. Together with the world's leading market infrastructures, we explore the challenges and opportunities addressing constraints of scale and interoperability.

Private Market

As a leading private market platform in Europe and the largest asset holder in Germany, Clearstream is committed to continuously supporting and processing the increasing volume of private market funds for its institutional clients.

Russia-related sanctions

Information on the implementation of sanctions against the Russian Federation and Belarus can be found here.