Clearstream and UBS agree on partnership

Clearstream acquires a majority stake in the fund distribution platform Fondcenter, integrating it into its investment fund services business.

Clearstream turns 50

As a market infrastructure provider, we at Clearstream have helped shape markets over the past 50 years, as they have grown more interconnected, complex and digital. Throughout the years, our core tasks remain the same: fostering the efficiency, stability and integrity of financial markets.

Enable growth with the European Issuer Portal

Clearstream’s automated issuance platform eMission – well established in the German CSD infrastructure – serves as the heart of the European Issuer Portal providing high-volume, cross-border, multi-currency and multi-asset type solutions to reflect today’s capital market dynamics.

Supporting the ISO 20022 message standard

SWIFT has recently announced the migration of all cross-border and many-to-many payments onto the ISO 20022 message standard as of 2021. At Clearstream, we actively engage with established industry experts to explore the use of new technologies to ease and facilitate migration activities for our ...