Sustainability service for fund distributors in collaboration with Clarity AI

With the Clarity AI solution offering, the Fund Centre platform offers fund distributors and investors effective means to base their investment decisions on high-quality, transparent and comparable ESG criteria. 

Insights on the sustainability characteristics of a share class

Integrating Clarity AI’s ESG analytics into Fund Centre supports the transformation towards more sustainable economies for the fund markets. Clarity AI solution gives fund distributors clients of the Fund Centre platform valuable insights into the sustainability characteristics of an investment fund via the Fund Compass application. 

Clarity AI is an end-to-end technology solution that helps optimising the societal impact of investment portfolios. Clarity AI ‘scores’ the underlying assets of a fund according to its proprietary methodologies and then calculates an aggregated score at share class level. 

Clarity AI solution includes three main features: 

  • Fund search functionality based on set of sustainability scores

Clarity AI solution provides a comprehensive sets of sustainability scores that are integrated into the fund search functionality of the Fund Compass application. This enables distributors to easily filter and select the most suitable funds for their clients based on their sustainability appetite and preferences.  

  • Comparing and benchmarking share classes according to sustainability scores

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The sustainability scores are also reflected in the “compare” functionality of Fund Compass, allowing distributors to quickly benchmark up to five share classes within the full range of the Fund Centre fund universe.

  • In-depth insights into additional subcategories on ESG criteria, climate and UN SDGs  

​​​​​​​The sustainability scores are supported by modules that offer a greater amount of depth and subcategories on ESG criteria (environmental, social and governance), climate, UN SDGs (United Nations Sustainable Development Goals), exposure and impact highlights at share class level.

Six standalone modules offered to best meet your needs

Access via Fund Compass application

Fund Compass is a web-based distribution and fund information application, which offers distributors intuitive and user-friendly access to fund data, documents, and added value services. The total ESG risk score and module will be made available in Fund Compass to all distributors connected to Clearstream Fund Centre. The additional sustainability modules and scores will be available upon a subscription.