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  1. Announcement 15.12.2022

    Hong Kong - China: Inclusion of Chinese ETFs in Stock Connect Program (northbound)

    CBL | Hong Kong, China | Settlement
  2. Announcement 21.10.2022

    Various tax treaties

    CBL | Slovenia, United Kingdom, China, Czech Republic, Hungary, Japan, Russia, Ukraine, USA | Tax
  3. Announcement 7.7.2021

    China: Industrial Commercial Bank China Luxembourg Branch to be decommissioned as CNY cash correspondent bank

    CBL | China | Cash
  4. Announcement 24.6.2021

    Various tax treaties

    CBL | Japan, Brazil, Argentina, China, Iraq, Denmark, Trinidad and Tobago, Belarus, Cambodia, Peru, South Korea, Hungary, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Romania, Spain, Switzerland | Tax
  5. Announcement 27.8.2020

    Sanctions by the United States Department of the Treasury – Update I

    CBL | USA, China | Custody, Settlement
  6. Announcement 26.6.2019

    Improved cash deadlines - correction

    CBL | Argentina, China, Denmark, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Norway, New Zealand, South Africa, Uruguay | Cash | Cash
  7. Announcement 27.11.2018

    Market claim internal rules harmonisation

    CBL | Argentina, Armenia, Bulgaria, China, Colombia, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Dubai, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Russia, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Uruguay | Custody
  8. Announcement 23.10.2018

    China: Change of SWIFT BIC for offshore Chinese Renminbi via Bank of China Frankfurt

    CBL | China | Cash
  9. Announcement 12.12.2017

    Market claim internal rules harmonisation with 15 markets

    CBL | Argentina, Armenia, Bulgaria, China, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Dubai, Georgia, Iceland, Japan, Mexico, Poland, Taiwan, Uruguay | Custody, Settlement
  10. Announcement 27.9.2017

    Various tax treaties

    CBL | Belgium, China, Greece, Mexico, New Zealand, Portugal, Romania, South Africa, Switzerland, Uruguay | Tax