Billing Portal


The Clearstream Billing Portal provides easy online access to your invoices, including billing history dating back to October 2003.

Once an invoice has been created, it can be accessed directly via the Billing Portal, thus enabling customers to review their invoices at an earlier date. In addition, all invoices and invoice reports can be downloaded from the Billing Portal in PDF and XML format and are continually updated to reflect the payment status.

How to access the Billing Portal

Customers are requested to follow the below guidelines on how to subscribe to the service.


  • Appointing a Central Coordinator

    The Central Coordinator is the contact person for all subscribers to the service in the same institution. The Central Coordinator is responsible for the administration of the user accounts and access rights within the Billing Portal. The Central Coordinator has to ensure that only authorised staff members have access to the Billing Portal.

    To accept the role of the Central Coordinator, please fill in the application form(s) below and send it to the address indicated on the respective application form. Please note that it is possible to nominate one Central Coordinator for Clearstream Banking S.A. (Clearstream Banking Luxembourg, CBL) and Clearstream Banking AG (Clearstream Banking Frankfurt, CBF) or one Central Coordinator can be nominated for both organisations. 
  • Signing the Terms of Use

    The Terms of Use are on a company level. The Terms of Use have to be countersigned by two authorised signatories.

    Originals of the “Application form Central Coordinator”, including “Terms of Use” must be mailed to the address indicated on the document.

    Once the application is approved, the Central Coordinator will receive an email with his login details for the Billing Portal and an explanation about how to create additional user accounts. For legal reasons, customers must appoint one Central Coordinator per legal institution.
  • Accessing the Billing Portal for users

    The intended user must contact the respective Central Coordinator to require access to the Billing Portal. The Central Coordinator is responsible for creating user accounts and granting access rights within the Billing Portal. The user will receive a manual offering an overview of the most important functions within the Clearstream Billing Portal.

For further assistance, please contact your Relationship Manager.