Maximise efficiency by pooling equities and ETFs


Equities and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) have gained popularity amongst investors as these instruments highly fulfil investor objectives in terms of liquidity, low fees, transparency and portfolio diversification. Clearstream provides an integrated suite of services that supports your equity and ETF business in a safe and secure environment.

Servicing equities in more than 40 markets

Our equity securities represent around EUR 5 trillion of the total assets under custody (AuC), roughly 35% of our total AuC, and cover more than 40 markets.

Meeting new regulatory requirements

Many new regulatory requirements seeking to make the equity markets safer and more efficient. Clearstream is best equipped in supporting customers to meet i.e. the upcoming CSDR Settlement Discipline Regime (SDR) obligations along the entire security transaction lifecycle. This results in improved settlement efficiencies across markets and security types.

Digitised proxy-voting and tax services for equities

Best-in-class asset servicing capabilities, such as digitised proxy-voting and tax services for equities support our customers in increasing operational efficiency along the custody chain. As integral part of Deutsche Börse Group, Clearstream offers easy access to a range of services supporting equity trading services of our Deutsche Börse Group sister companies Xetra and Eurex.

Innovative solutions for the ETF market

Clearstream offers innovative and flexible solutions for the ETF market which increase process efficiencies benefiting the issuers and investors alike. In the ETF market there are generally two issuance models – the domestic (CSD) and international (ICSD and ICSDplus) models – governing the lifecycle of trading, clearing and settlement.

Explore our new series of virtual sessions ‘Clearstream and the ETF markets’

As a key player supporting the growth of ETF markets globally, Clearstream is keen to engage with ETF market participants on most current topics.

In this first session Catherine Gotti Brás, ETF Product Development, and Allan Stewart from the ETF Sales & RM at Clearstream are looking back at the defining moments for ETFs in 2020 and how this will influence the ETF markets in 2021. To discuss this topic, Clearstream has invited:

 - Antoine Lesne: Head of SPDR ETF Strategy and Research for EMEA
 - Anthony Martin: Co-Founder of RIZE ETF

Follow the discussion and gain latest insights via the following video: 

Clearstream and the ETF markets

In 2020, Europe and Deutsche Börse celebrated 20 years of ETF trading. As the full ETF lifecycle starts with the issuance rather than trading, Catherine Gotti Brás and Allan Stewart explain all about ETFs and ETF issuance as part of our Clearstream offering:

All about ETFs and ETF issuance