GFF Podcast episode 10: Sustainable funding and financing with WWF and ISS ESG


In the last episode of season 1, we are delighted to present a feature-length virtual panel with Margaret Kuhlow, Global Finance Practice Leader at WWF and Viola Lutz, Head of Climate Solutions, ISS ESG. With the expert insights of our guests, Christian Rossler and Andrew Keith Walker discuss the progress of ESG initiatives to affect sustainable change in the global funding and financing community. Both guests will also speak and share further developments in Sustainable Funding and ESG at our upcoming GFF Summit 2022 in September.  

Challenges and opportunities across global regulatory jurisdictions

The debate covers the activities of the WWF and ISS ESG in Funds, Securities Lending and Repo, and consider different approaches to Environmental, Social and Governance in different global regulatory jurisdictions. We also explore the greenwashing challenges and 'greenium' possibilities for market participants, and consider the economic impact of the pandemic, volatility and geopolitical risk on meeting ESG and Net Zero targets in the EU and beyond.

GFF Podcast episode 10: Sustainable funding and financing with WWF and ISS ESG

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