Clearstream launches Collateral Insights Dashboard to enhance collateral management


Clearstream has launched a new data-driven solution to simplify and optimise collateral management: the Collateral Insights Dashboard.

Streamlining collateral management

The Collateral Insights Dashboard eliminates the challenges of scattered data and manual processes. It provides clients with actionable insights into their collateral activities, enabling them to make data-driven decisions.

Consolidate, analyse and optimise

The dashboard provides clients with automated insights into collateral management statistics and assets under management. This intuitive platform consolidates clients’ collateral data into a single, user-friendly dashboard, providing a holistic view of their collateral and lending activities.

With an automated design and customisable reporting, clients can quickly identify trends, assess risks and make informed decisions to optimise their collateral management strategies.

“Our Collateral Data Suite provides comprehensive analytics for capital optimisation and liquidity management. The dashboard offers risk management, collateral allocations, borrowing cost insights, and more, aiding regulatory compliance and decision-making,” says Priya Sharma, Head of Data & Client Connectivity.

Key benefits include

  • Dynamic dashboard with end-of-day updates
  • Historical data and trend analysis
  • Counterparty focus
  • Giver and receiver perspectives

Visit our dedicated webpage to learn more about the Collateral Insights Dashboard.