Iceland: Full re-introduction of our securities offering for international investors


In addition to non-taxable bonds that were re-activated in the course of 2020, Clearstream has now successfully re-introduced activities for equities and taxable bonds following the adoption of new tax procedures in the market.

Proximity to domestic Icelandic infrastructure

Our direct link to the Icelandic CSD and Central Bank results in reduced risks due to less intermediaries and higher efficiency in the custody/processing chain. 

Direct access model

Overall, we provide a unique custody environment for securities held by Clearstream via our extensive network of over 25 direct CSD links including Iceland, many of which are assessed for Eurosystem monetary policy operations. In terms of asset safety and most efficient processing, this is the preferred access model for domestic markets.

Assets held with Clearstream via a direct domestic link ensure full transparency on the structure of the domestic market. Clearstream ensures efficient and timely reporting to the depositary banks and monitoring of the local legal and regulatory framework.