Xact Web Portal: Penalties, Inefficiencies and Buy-in-Volumes (PIBIV) dashboards


In scope of the CSDR Settlement Discipline Regime (SDR), Clearstream is offering a new data simulation tool to evaluate the number of instructions subject to penalty fees and buy-ins per customer account. With Clearstream’s new PIBIV dashboard data solution customers are now best equipped to prepare for SDR related challenges along the entire securities transaction lifecycle.

Scope of the data simulation tool / PIBIV dashboards

The new dashboards ‘Penalties, Inefficiencies and Buy-in-Volumes’ (PIBIV) provides customers with the data they need to better understand settlement fails and to minimise impacts of penalties and buy-ins in preparation for 1 February 2022 when CSDR settlement discipline rules become effective.

As part of the new Xact Web Portal dashboards, Clearstream provides customers with data based insights on cash penalties and buy-in volumes that would have been assessed if CSDR SDR rules were applied retroactively to 2019-2021 late settlement instructions.

Scaling your own data

Customers can download their own data via Xact for further analysis and investigation on their side.

By scaling these data using their expected settlement activity in 2022, ICSD and German CSD customers can obtain a rough estimate of the financial impact of CSDR once it comes into effect. In addition, PIBIV data may already highlight some potential issues in customer settlement operations, thus helping them address these issues before the regulation takes effect.

Key benefits

  • Data of PIBIV dashboards allow customers to identify potential inefficiencies in settlement operations before SDR comes into effect.
  • Sense of the scale of the SDR related financial impact once it comes into effect.

Video demonstration of one PIBIV dashboard

How to access the PIBIV dashboards

Subscribed customers can view the PIBIV dashboards in the Xact Web Portal, Clearstream’s web-based, connectivity channel offering settlement, asset servicing, cash and liquidity services via the Xact Web Portal.

To obtain access and information for Xact Web Portal, please contact the Connectivity helpdesk in your region for assistance.