Primary Market Issuance API services


The Primary Market Issuance (PMI) API covers the issuance services linked to Clearstream’s role as an ICSD. It enables market participants to request ISIN codes (International Securities Identification Number) and to deliver instrument data for ISIN activation in a fully digitised debt issuance process. Additional features of the PMI API include allocation of the associated common code1, CFI (Classification of Financial Instrument) and FISN (Financial Instrument Short Name) identifiers of the securities.

Fully digitalised debt issuance process

Clearstream’s vision is to provide the functionality and technical architecture for a zero-touch, same day, fully digitalised and standardised debt issuance process. The PMI API leverages the Clearstream API services as well as Airbrush, an open interface data standard for defining and communicating a new fixed income security to one another.

The Clearstream API platform exposes business and technical data directly to the IT systems of our customers which allows the integration of customer systems with multiple APIs across products in a seamless and secure manner.

Access requirements

Access to the PMI API requires the completion and acceptance of Clearstream’s API Agreement with the PMI API Annex including subscription to Clearstream’s connectivity suite (ClearstreamXact). Xact Web Portal provides self-management of the PMI API credentials, providing the digital certificate necessary to activate and authenticate the PMI API service.

More information

  • Clearstream customers can contact their relationship manager for further information. Customers that wish to subscribe to the service should first consult the Clearstream API On-boarding Guide that can be accessed from
  • Business partners should contact the Strategic Market Development team for the onboarding process. Our issuance services team is available for questions on the PMI API service:
  • Further technical details on the features of the PMI API are available via the DBG Business Portal