Spain T2S: Iberclear´s decision to delay of nominal reduction on specific AIAF ISINs


Clearstream Banking  wants to inform its customers that Iberclear today announced that due to a technical restriction related to the migration process, the nominal reduction planned to be made today on the following ISIN codes listed in AIAF Fixed Income Market will be made at the close of Monday. Consequently, these ISIN codes are going to be blocked and will neither be traded nor settled during Monday 18 September 2017.


ES0305028005 BTA RMBS SANTANDER 1 A VTO.18/03/2057
ES0305104004 BT FONCAIXA PYMES 7 S/A VTO.18/12/2048
ES0305107007 BTA PYMES SANTANDER 12.A VTO.16/12/2058
ES0305117006 BT CAIXABANK RMBS 1 S/A VTO.17/03/2063
ES0305123004 BTA RMBS. PRADO II VTO.17/03/2056
ES0314148018 BTA BBVA RMBS 2 A2 VT0.17/09/2050
ES0336104007 BT SANTANDER HIPOTEC. 7 A VTO.16/03/2054.

Clearstream will continue to closely follow-up on this topic and will keep you posted with any relevant update.
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