LU ISIN Issuance and Acceptance


Clearstream, as National Numbering Agency (NNA) for Luxembourg, issues ISIN, CFI and FISN codes for any Luxembourg-domiciled securities, according to ANNA guidelines and more specifically for Luxembourg-incorporated investment funds and companies.


  • ISIN: International Securities Identification Number being a twelve-digit alphanumeric code which uniquely identifies a specific security as per ISO 6166
  • CFI: Classification of Financial Instruments being a security description code defining the instrument characteristics as per ISO 10962:2015 when the concerned financial instrument is issued
  • FISN: Financial Instrument Short Name code developed to provide a consistent and uniform approach (as per ISO 18774:2015) to standardise short descriptions for financial instruments

NNA Portal

Clearstream launched in 2020 the NNA Portal being a dedicated web-based application covering the NNA services linked to Clearstream’s role as NNA. It simplifies the LU ISIN issuance process for Luxembourg domiciled investments funds by providing an integrated request workflow management to ISIN requestors, as well as providing further services, such as an optional Clearstream eligibility assessment (for settlement and custody) on the beforementioned issued LU ISIN codes.

With effective date 1 January 2021, any LU ISIN issuance request and/or Clearstream eligibility assessment request on a LU ISIN will be exclusively handled via the NNA Portal. No further requests via email will be accepted.

The NNA Services within the NNA Portal are subject to the terms and conditions of the NNA Portal agreement (see appendix 3 of the below attached NNA Portal application forms).

Any appointed fund agent (as documented in the relevant prospectus, or any other relevant document between the fund and the fund agent), requiring access to the NNA Portal shall contact their Relationship Manager at Clearstream, or alternatively, Client Service within Investment Funds Services as follows:

For further information or questions on LU ISIN issuance and fund acceptance in Clearstream, please contact the NNA team as follows: