Investment Fund Market Guide – Norway


Key features (Register market)



Settlement free of payment


Settlement against payment


Refer to CBL’s Eligible currencies and the fund currency specified in fund prospectus.

Disclosure Requirements


Refer to Disclosure Requirements – Investment Funds – Norway.

Restrictions on customer


Refer to Holding Restrictions – Investment Funds – Norway.

Restrictions on settlement


Market SpecificationsYesRefer to Market Specifications – Investment Funds – Norway.


Market type / link type (Settlement link)

Register market and CSD link

Eligible fund types in CBL

Register market: Open-ended Investment funds (UCITs, National Funds, Special Funds)

CSD linka: ETFs

 a. Please refer to the Market Link Guide - Norway for more details about funds on the CSD link.

Eligible fund types in CBL

Register market

Open-ended investment funds

Open-ended Norwegian investment funds with variable capital that invest in financial instruments, are open for subscriptions from an indefinite group of potential investors. They are encompassed by the Securities Funds Act (Act No. 44 of 25 November 2011) and must be licensed by the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway ("FSA").

They can be categorised as:

  • UCITs (also known as Ordinary fund)
  • National fund (also known as Domestic fund)
  • Special fund (also known as Specialised fund)

CSD link

(Please refer to the Market Link Guide – Norway for more information)

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) – Generally, listed ETFs have the same settlement process as listed equities.