GFF Podcast episode 7: The future of collateral management in 2022 - Blockchain, DLT & HQLAx


In this episode our guests, Nick Short, COO HQLAx and Fabrice Tomenko, CEO Clearstream International showcase how DLT and the blockchain technology can effectively be leveraged to digitise collateral in regulated and safe environments. 

Changing the world of collateral management

In the discussion, we go in-depth with the game-changing tools at HQLAx that can transfer collateral ownership across locations and jurisdictions at precise times and consider the new concept of Collateral Mobility and how it can reduce pain points for market participants, remove settlement friction, reduce collateral fragmentation and create greater interoperability between infrastructure, custodians and triparty agents. 

GFF Podcast episode 7: The Future of Collateral Management in 2022

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