Foreign Exchange (FX) services - Enhanced visibility for final FX rate on trade date


Clearstream Banking reminds clients of the existing features designed to enhance their experience with its FX services. Clients were previously informed that they could retrieve the final FX rate applied to their instructions on the trade date via the MT950 report.

Existing feature highlight

In addition to the MT950 report, the final FX rate can also be viewed under the "Cash Instructions" section via Xact Web Portal.

To access this information, clients should apply the following filters:

  • Instruction Type: Foreign Exchange
  • Status: Processing
  • Status Value: Accepted Acknowledged

MT950 report details

As a reminder, the MT950 report provides the following information:

  • Sequence: Optional Repeatable B
  • Tag: 61
  • Field Name: Statement Line
  • Subfield 9

For further details, clients should refer to Section 5.5 of the Client Handbook.