Common Depositaries, Common Service Providers and Common Safekeepers 2024 qualification and tender process

Joint open invitation


The ICSDs, Clearstream Banking S.A and Euroclear Bank SA/NV, are initiating a qualification process for the selection of Common Depositaries, Common Service Providers and Common Safekeepers, at the end of which qualified institutions will be invited to participate in a tender process that will determine the levels of remuneration for each function.

Qualification of prospective candidates will be assessed by both ICSDs in accordance with the principles stipulated in the joint invitation.

Full details of the qualification process are available in the below downloadable invitation.

Interested parties are invited to submit applications to Clearstream S.A. and Euroclear Bank SA/NV, by close of business (18:00 CET) on May 3rd, 2024, in accordance with the procedure set-out below in the downloadable documentation.

For further information, please contact:

Françoise Pihoué

Head of Network Management / Eurobonds

Delphine Davagle

Network Management