Subscription pack CBF


More information on how to subscribe to the General Meetings Enhanced Service via ISS is provided below.

General Meetings Enhanced Service via ISS

Attached below, you can find the subscription pack for our General Meetings Enhanced service provided in conjunction with Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS), which consists of:

  • The subscription form.
  • Appendix 1 - Contact and signature details.
  • Appendix 2 – Special Terms and Conditions for the Proxy Voting Service.
  • Appendix 3 - Power of Attorney, should you wish to appoint an agent.

Please fill in the subscription form and the Appendix 1. Once completed, please return the documents to:

Clearstream Banking AG
Account Administration Frankfurt (OSM)
D-60485 Frankfurt

These documents apply to accounts in CASCADE as well as to accounts on our international platform Creation.

After signature validation they will be forwarded to ISS to receive key information for customer setup in ISS’ proprietary system and the user interface ProxyExchange™.

Migration to the Enhanced service is normally scheduled once per month. Documentation needs to be received by Clearstream in hard copy two weeks in advance, by month end. One week before migration, the following prerequisites need to be fulfilled:

  • Documents complete and approved.
  • BIC/RMA keys exchange with ISS successful (where applicable).
  • Completion of setup with ISS confirmed to Clearstream by customer (MT599).

To discuss details about your subscription please contact your Clearstream Banking Relationship Manager.