Various tax treaties


Double Taxation Treaties (DTTs) between the following markets were signed and came into force with the rates as indicated in the following table:


Date signed (conclusion date)

Date in force

Applicable (effective date)

General DTT

Rates (%)



Philippines – Brunei16.07.202125.01.202401.01.2025


10%a or 15%

Romania – Liechtenstein10.11.202229.02.202401.01.2025


0%b or 5%

Slovak Republic – Albania30.05.202301.04.202401.01.2025



Slovak Republic – Azerbaijan07.06.202301.04.202401.01.2025



a. The 10% withholding tax rate is applicable to the interest on public issues of bonds, debentures or similar obligations.

b. The 0% withholding tax rate is applicable when the interest is paid in respect of a loan, debt-claim or credit that is owed to, or made, provided, guaranteed or insured by a State or a political subdivision, local authority or administrative territorial unit thereof.

Our Market DTT information will be updated in due course to reflect the new treaties.

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