T2S DCP Connectivity


Customers with a “Full DCP” status can directly exchange ISO 20022 messages with T2S via SWIFT or SIA-Colt.

Customers with a “Full DCP” or “GUI DCP” status can directly access the T2S settlement platform via a web-based graphical user interface available in English.

CBF’s DCP Connectivity Handbook provides an overview of the initial setup tasks that need to be conducted by DCP customers and the functions that can be invoked (based on the privileges granted by CBF) in the T2S GUI. 

For T2S via SWIFT or SIA-Colt, the DCP Connectivity Handbook describes the requirements for communication with T2S using ISO 20022 messages. It also describes the message fields where CBF requires or provides specific values relevant for the processing within CBF.

Details about the technical pre-requisites are available in the T2S documentation of the Eurosystem or the Network Service Provider (NSP). Comprehensive User Handbooks describing the different functions and business scenarios in the T2S GUI are available on the ECB website - For professional use under "Technical/functional documents".