New Global Note Structure


The following documents contain general information on the NGN structure and have been approved by the Market Working Group:

  • NGN brochure (July 2006): the NGN brochure provides general information on the New Global Note structure, including the impacts for the issuers, their agents and the lead managers.

  • Frequently Asked Questions (January 2007): this document will be updated when the need for additional explanation is indicated by the market.

  • General Article (January 2006): the General Article provides a high level description of the NGN structure.

  • NGN presentation (June 2006): this Powerpoint presentation can be used by anyone needing to give a presentation on the NGN structure. The presentation contains slides and detailed hand-outs.

The following documents contain additional information on the ICSDs’ allocation guidelines for Common Service Provider and Common Safekeeper mandates:

  • ICSD joint allocation guidelines
  • CSK Election Form

For directories of depository banks, please refer to the Sub custodian listings.