Multi-Market Securities Guide – Japan


The Multi-Market Securities Guide provides general and detailed information about the realignment required between CBL depositories in order to enable effective cross-border trades in securities in remote as well as home domestic markets.

Instruction format specifications, from the perspective of the home domestic market, are attached below.


Clearstream Banking does not represent that the information provided through and contained in the attached files is comprehensive, complete or accurate and expressly disclaims liability for errors or omissions therein.

Clearstream Banking does not accept any responsibility for any cross-border settlement delays. The instruction specifications contained in this document are correct at the time of its publication for currently eligible securities.

Clearstream Banking does not accept any responsibility for the completeness and correctness of fees mentioned in this guide. Please note that additional fees may be charged for receipt instructions
according to the official Clearstream Banking Fee Schedule and to local market practice in the form of out-of-pocket expenses passed on to the clients.

Please note that Clearstream Banking is not always advised of changes affecting these specifications. However, Clearstream Banking will update these files as soon as it is made aware of any amendment.