General information - types of securities, deadlines, other market specifics - Singapore


Types of securities

The Clearstream Banking eligible securities issued in Singapore are as follows:

  • Singapore government securities (MAS, Monetary Authority of Singapore);
  • Qualifying debt securities (QDS). Singapore’s qualifying debt securities scheme grants concessionary tax treatment to investors of securities covered by the scheme. QDS are debt securities that meet the conditions set out in S13 (11) of the Income Tax Act, Income Tax (Qualifying Debt Securities) Regulations 2001, and MAS Circular No. FDD Cir 01/2003. Interest income earned by non-residents from QDS is exempt from withholding tax;
  • Real Estate Investment Trust units (REITs);
  • Equities;
  • Warrants;
  • Loan Stocks;
  • Corporate bonds.

Types of beneficial owner

The following types of beneficial owner of Singapore REITs are recognised for tax purposes in Singapore:

  • Foreign individuals;
  • Foreign non-individuals.

Holding restriction

Clearstream Banking's sub-account with the Central Depository (Pte) Ltd (CDP) is designated a “foreign” account and therefore no investors holding Singapore domestic securities through Clearstream Banking shall be citizens of Singapore (regardless of place of residence).

Customers are responsible for ensuring compliance with these restrictions.