Investment regulation - Taiwan


Investment and holding restrictions

Taiwanese international bonds are not subject to any holding or foreign investor restrictions.

Holding restrictions do, however, apply to domestic Taiwanese bonds and equities.

Aggregate investments of foreign investors and investors from Mainland China are subject to foreign ownership limits (FOLs) ranging from 0-50% and may need to seek approvals from the Executive Yuan.

The industries that are subject to FOLs are:

  • Gas utilities;
  • National corporations directly invested by the Ministry of Economic Affairs;
  • Civil Air Transportation;
  • Air Cargo, Air Cargo Forward Services;
  • Marine Transportation;
  • Financial industry;
  • Exchanges and settlement of securities and futures;
  • Security service, building and development;
  • Construction and real estate agency;
  • Broadcasting and television;
  • Broadcasting and television show supplier;
  • Movies;
  • Publishing;
  • Telecoms.

Disclosure requirements

For details of the local domestic disclosure requirements, please refer to the Disclosure Requirements - Taiwan.