Category 1

Markets where disclosure by Clearstream Banking to issuers and/or to regulators or market authorities is mandatory under applicable law


In markets referred to under Category 1, applicable law obliges Clearstream Banking, under certain circumstances, as a (sub-)custodian to disclose customer information to issuers and/or to regulators or market authorities.

Specific consent is hereby granted by the customer to Clearstream Banking to disclose customer information in accordance with the Disclosure Requirements when investing in such markets or holding such securities.

The policy of Clearstream Banking towards such disclosures is that they are a matter of obligation arising from the legal regimes that govern the issuance of the shares and the administration of publicly listed companies.

CBL has direct links to the respective domestic markets or indirect links through CBF, LuxCSD or (sub-)custodian; or a direct access to local domiciled funds that are held in CBL's name on the register. 

CBF has either direct links to the respective domestic market or indirect links through CBL or LuxCSD. 

Consequently, Clearstream Banking’s holdings are subject to the local laws applicable to securities, stock exchanges, depositories and corporations.

Such disclosures are, in general, made by Clearstream Banking upon request without additional prior communication to Clearstream Banking’s customer. When such disclosures are made, a report is issued, to each customer concerned, via SWIFT or Xact Web Portal, as applicable, or such other means as Clearstream Banking considers as appropriate.