Creation Quick Tax Reference Matrix


The Quick Tax Reference Matrix (the "Tax Matrix") is a high-level overview of applicable tax rates and the documents that Clearstream Banking clients using the Creation platform must submit by to Clearstream Banking to obtain relief at source from tax withheld on income from securities deposited in Clearstream Banking or to apply for a refund of such withheld tax.

The Tax Matrix is not designed to provide comprehensive information concerning all taxation issues relating to securities held in Clearstream Banking, nor to supply exhaustive information with regard to tax relief available by virtue of domestic or international law.

The Tax Matrix does not constitute legal or tax advice. Clearstream Banking believes the information provided in this Tax Matrix to be correct at the time of publication, but disclaims responsibility as to the accuracy and completeness of the information.

To access complete information and to obtain copies of most of the documents mentioned in this Tax Matrix, clients should refer to the following sources of information for the respective market, in the order indicated:

  1. Market Taxation Guide;
  2. Clearstream Banking Announcements;
  3. Tax Help Desk.

The Tax Matrix is currently applicable for clients using the Creation platform only.

A note on the "Average refund time"

The estimated time for receiving a refund can vary depending on the time that the application is filed and the complexity of the information supplied in the reclaim documentation. Clearstream Banking has collected the information published in the “Average refund time” column of the Tax Matrix from what are considered to be reliable sources but does not guarantee the accuracy of the timings presented.